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Write a Motivation Manifesto

We all have times of internal struggle.

Sometimes we are disappointed in ourselves, feel overwhelmed, inadequate, or hopeless – and these are the moments it can be a particularly challenging to be motivated to live up to our true potential.
These feelings can run deep and be surrounded by complicated situations, but sometimes we just need a pick-me-up to feel inspired again, and can’t always rely on an outside source to give us that.
Here’s a simple and fun idea to prepare for these spells of Debbie Downer syndrome, so you can pull yourself out of that funk and start kicking butt at life again.
Write the words that YOU need to hear when you are struggling and stressed. Remind yourself of your true worth. Remind yourself of your good qualities, your capabilities, what makes you special and awesome.
Be your own cheerleader, and tell your inner go-getter what it needs to hear to get pumped up and energized again.
List the things you believe when it comes to motivation, passion, success, progress – and the things you want to believe.
This will be your personal manifesto of motivation.
Take the time to write it out in whatever way works for you – art journal, a notebook, a digital journal, a vision board.
Have fun, get creative, and keep moving forward!

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